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Why work with me?

You could choose anyone else, but I think we'll work well together if:

  • you've always wanted to write but you don't know where to start;

  • you're looking for an influx of creative new ideas;

  • you want the support and encouragement of a small group of writers;

  • you want to be heard, respected, and find out what's working in your writing. 

What's my story? My professional work has centered around crime, working with folks who've been labeled as victims and offenders, in and out of prisons around the United States. The unexpected commonality across my many roles? Each was an immersion in other people’s stories. 

When I'd had enough of those kinds of stories, I became the lead writer and associate editor of a community magazine. Through that work, I began reclaiming my writer-self by telling other people's stories to other people.


It wasn’t until I started writing creatively that the fun really started.

Now, I work to support my writing habit.

Yes, I have degrees. And, no, they’re not relevant. That’s not why you should pick me. I hope you'll choose to work with me because, like you, I'm looking for something different. Also like you, I’ve found that something between the pages of a book. Books are made of words, one at a time, building on each other to create people and worlds.

Your words matter, and I’m eager to help you get them out on the page. I look forward to seeing you in a workshop, or working with you one-on-one to edit your masterpiece.

Are you ready to step through the door?

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